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This Smart, Wearable Tech is the Future

One of the fastest growing technology industries might surprise you. It’s actually wearable tech, something the CCS Insight report, as covered in Forbes, finds will surpass $34 billion per year by 2020. Topping the list are smartwatches (the most popular wearable tech item) and fitness trackers (the second most popular wearable tech item). These two […]

Timing is Everything! Our Picks for 7 Best Smartwatches for $300 or Less

There’s no doubt that smartwatches are big business.  They are certainly becoming more popular, and you may be reading this article because you’re thinking about getting one yourself.  Do some people-watching on any street corner in any big city and you’ll pass hundreds of people who are flaunting a variety of smartwatches on their wrists. […]

These Amazing Unique Restored Vintage Products Cost Less Than $250!

There are so many great ways to find authentic and unique restored vintage products.  In recent years, enthusiasts have been amassing personal collections of vintage products, and are the driving forces behind the cottage industry/popular hobby of antiquing. A variety of vintage-only stores exist online for eager shoppers, delivering a unique sense of adventure when […]

Why the New Asus ZenFone AR Just Might Bury the iPhone (and Other Smartphones)

We can all assume that Apple’s iPhone has become the staple in the smartphone industry. Sure, Google Play and Android has its demographic, but let’s face it — when we think of smartphone, nine times out of ten, we think iPhone. There’s only one iPhone, and about a million different Android smartphones out there. Seems like a really […]