Samsung FlexWash Review: Is the WV990 Really Worth the Price?

Samsung FlexWash Review: Is the WV990 Really Worth the Price?

If you have not heard about this double-washer yet, this Samsung Flexwash WV990 review can help you decide if the price tag on this unit justifies putting it into action in your busy home. For small families, or single persons, you’ll won’t likely need a washer of this capability. But for those who have kids and pets, a double-washing unit could be just what the laundry doctor ordered.

The Samsung FlexWash WV990 consists of two washing machines that have been merged into one double-duty appliance. It retails for about $1,900 before taxes—which almost makes it feel like you are paying for two washing machines. The front loader unit consists of five cubic feet of space while the mini top loader gives you one cubic foot. You can run one at a time or you can power wash simultaneously, ideal for separating colors or wash types/cycles to get all your clothing washed in record time.

As you can see from the header image up top, this unit is modern, sleek and elegantly designed—with convenient locking hatches for front and top loading. This unit is also a “smart” appliance, meaning that you can synch it via an app to your smartphone or mobile device for extra monitoring.

Steep Price

You guessed it — $1,900 is a lot of dough to drop on a washer. But for busy families, it can actually pay for it itself over time because of the time that it saves you from one of your most tedious chores. Imagine being able to do linens on delicate up top while you wash the cottons on regular down below—effectively slicing your wash time in half. Interestingly enough, you won’t need two water lines, either; this unit only requires one and has a method to separate hot and cold water internally as to accurately feed each basin with the right water amount at the proper temperature.

Important Things to Note

When dropping nearly $2k on a washer, one has to wonder if the unit stacks up to other mainstream luxury brands? One thing to consider is the height of this unit; you won’t be able to stack it and you won’t be able to add the nifty floor stand (storage unit) that most Samsung high-end washers feature (for an added cost). Without its companion unit, the FlexDry, you won’t really make much headway by having two basins, because you’ll be waiting for two loads to dry individually.

But if you pair this unit with its cousin, you’ll be able to streamline laundry forever. Bear in mind that the FlexDry will also set you back about $1,900 – capping your total cost before taxes and installation fees to $3,800 – or just round it up to an even $4,000 and you’ll be closer to the actual cost.

Columbus Day Sale at Appliances ConnectionOther Premium Features

Aside from boasting two washer basins, the FlexWash offers an assortment of additional premium features. The bottom, larger basin offers interior lighting (LEDs), so you can see what’s going on. It also features a digital display that lets you know what time you have left on your cleaning cycle, and other pertinent information. Nearly half the settings offer steam cleaning, with temperature control, rinse cycle settings, speed settings and even soil level settings. You can also set it do a Speed Wash (30 minutes) if you are in a hurry.

The top load washer only offers four cycles, with an Extra Rinse cycle and a carbon copy digital display. Like the bottom front loader, this top basin offers interior lights and has a transparent lid. The touchscreen for both basins is responsive and complements the black stainless steel finish.


Lastly, with a company like Samsung, you can bet there are apps for these units for your smartphone or mobile device. Samsung’s Smart Home System works with Android and iOS devices, but naturally will work better on Samsung phones and tablets (who would’ve thought). You’ll of course need to download the app from the app store and follow the setup instructions to get everything rolling. Home Wi-Fi is necessary for these smart appliances to communicate with any mobile appliance.

Our Opinion

If you have a big household, and equally as large a budget, this unit is a great addition. It looks nice, runs great and will cut your laundry duty time in half. Addable smart functionality is a bonus, but only so useful. However, most people will find the price tag for both of these units to be a bit steep for their budget.

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