Great Gift Ideas for the Hard to Shop for Person

Great Gift Ideas for the Hard to Shop for Person

If you have someone on your holiday shopping list that is always tough to find a great gift for, then we’ve put this article together for you.  We all have that friend or family member that seems to get themselves all the things they want and never seems willing to share some thing that they would love to get as a gift.

Certainly, these people can still enjoy thoughtful gifts, but they probably don’t feel comfortable receiving expensive gifts.  This should be good news.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the gift.  You just have to put a bit of thought into what they might really want.  Here are a few great gift ideas for the hard to shop for person.

Get Them a Magazine Subscription 

I understand that some of you might be asking if magazines even still exist.  The answer is yes they do.  And even if they seem outdated, you can get the hard to shop for person a magazine subscription that’s paid for the year. This is a fantastic way to give them a gift that they will be able to enjoy again and again for the entire year. You can find a huge selection of magazines and digital magazines on Amazon.

You can get a subscription for great price while the person you are purchasing it for will continuously get the benefits of a full-priced subscription. Choosing the best magazine should be easy. You only have to know basic information to get them one they will like. Someone who spends time in their garden will appreciate a magazine about gardening and tending to their landscaping, a person who likes guns will appreciate the same in a magazine, and so on.

Donate to a Charity in Their Name

If you’re really stuck on what to get someone and you aren’t that close to them, then you may want to donate to a charity in their name. When it comes to choosing the charity, try to go with something you think they would donate for themselves. If they have children or you’ve noticed them acting like they really like children, then donate to a children’s cause. If you know that they are an animal lover, then donate to that cause. This is a good gift because it comes from the heart and puts their gift money toward helping others.  We covered how to find the best charities to donate to in a previous blog.

Get Them a Gift Basket

If you are buying for a person at your work and you don’t know anything about them other than their name and the department they work in, then you’ll want to get them something that shows you wanted to make sure they could get use out of their gift. A gift basket is a fantastic choice because it will have something they can use. There are all different types of gift baskets, so try to go with a basic one anyone would like, such as a hot cocoa set in a basket or a coffee gift basket.

Companies like Gourmet Gift Baskets and Harry and David have incredible selections of gift baskets.  You are sure to find something on one of those sites that appeals to even the hardest-to-please person.

Get Them Movie Tickets

You may not want to give someone a gift card to a store because it can seem like such an impersonal gift. However, giving them a couple of tickets to the local movie theater can be a fantastic idea. It shows that you are giving them a gift they can use to treat themselves to a good time. They will also be able to bring someone else with them.

Lots of people don’t even go to the movies anymore.  Many people will tell you they aren’t even sure why they don’t go to many movies.  It’s probably because it’s so easy to watch all of our favorite content online.  Whatever the reason, most people would probably like an excuse to go to the movies again, especially if it’s free.  You could even see if you have one of the newer movie theaters that offer dinner and drinks during the show.  You could get tickets and a gift card to the theater.

Have Fun Finding the Gift

Now that you have a better idea of some of the things that make a good gift for the hard to buy for person, you’ll find it much easier to shop for them. This article may make it easier for you to think of even more good gift ideas that may work out perfectly for that person. You’ll want to focus on giving them something that most people would be able to use, but that shows you tried to take their likes into consideration while you were picking the gift out.

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