Stop Overpaying! How to Take Advantage of the Best Price Match Policies Available Anywhere

Stop Overpaying! How to Take Advantage of the Best Price Match Policies Available Anywhere

The increase in people using brick and mortar stores to check out products but ordering them online afterwards, commonly called “showrooming,” has led to many major retailers offering a price match policy of some kind or another.  They could really only act as the display floor for Amazon orders for so long before they had to respond.

The amazing thing is that few people still take advantage of these substantial discounts that these retailers offer. That is, if you do a bit of research for lower prices online before you buy that new big ticket item.  Many of these retailers offer deals when you can show that the same product is available for a lower price somewhere else.

Best Price Matching Policy at Big Box Retailers

Best Buy

Best Buy was one of the first major retailers to offer a great price match policy.  They have some simple guidelines on their price match policy page.  The product must be identical to a competitor’s product and the competitor must have it immediately available online or in-store.  The third requirement is that the product is not listed on their exclusions list.  Best Buy will honor their price match policy in store or over the phone, but you have to be prepared to present the required information.  Usually, that’s as simple as finding the product for less on Amazon or at one of their qualifying competitor’s website.


Wal-Mart went even further with their price match policy.  It is similar in requirements to Best Buy, but they also added in a price match option that can be redeemed if a product you purchased has the price lowered after you purchase it.  They will match pretty much match the price of the exact same product offered for less from just about any retailer.


Target may have the most user-friendly price match policy of any major retailer.  They honor price matches from almost any competitor with few restrictions and you can even get the price match on their website by following their simple directions to submit proof of competitor’s discount.

Toys R Us

You will definitely want to keep the Toys R Us price match policy in mind for the holiday season.  It will be hard to beat for most toys and games for children.  They have a long list of competitors they will match and most of their price match restrictions are minor.  You will need to go to a physical location to get the price match discount.

Use Smartphone Apps to Make Price Matching Easier

You don’t have to spend much time or energy to quickly check for lower prices online if you let technology lead the way.  There are a bunch of great smartphone apps and browser add-ons that will allow you to scan the barcode of an item to search for discounts online.


RedLaser was one of the price match pioneers.  The program is easy to use and works for iPhone and Android.  You simply scan the product barcode or type in the brand and model to find a list of the cheapest places to buy that product online.  Simply click on the lowest priced listing and you will have what you need to get a discount on the product you are thinking about buying right there.  Their comparison list includes Google, TheFind, eBay, Rakuten (, and more.

Amazon Price Check

Since Amazon is often the place you will find most products prices lowest, the Amazon Price Check app is a must download before the holiday season this year.  You’ll be able to scan the product barcode and automatically find prices for the identical product online.  Almost all retailers that offer a price match policy include Amazon on their approved competitors list now.


ShopSavyy offers the same barcode scanning price comparison feature as RedLaser and Amazon Price Check, while adding in some cool addition bonuses.  They have a cash back program with a lot of major retailers that includes Walmart, Target, Macy’s and more.  You can also create lists of the products you are planning to purchase and get guides on the best times to buy those items.

That’s how easy it is to stop overpaying for all your big ticket purchases.  Armed with a few smartphone apps and some basic research, you can make sure you take full advantage of the best price match policies available anywhere this holiday season.

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