Waste Some Time with These Addictive Smartphone Games

Waste Some Time with These Addictive Smartphone Games

It’s hard to deny that people have become addicted to their phones.  Recent studies found that Americans average over 5 hours per day on their smartphones and other mobile devices.   That seems a bit insane until you realize that most people bring their smartphone with them everywhere they go and break it out any time they have a free minute.

If we’re all going to have our smartphones with us at all times, then we might as well load them up with some fun and addictive smartphone games that will truly help pass the time. Here’s our picks for the best of the best. Beware, though, because you might find yourself hopelessly addicted and spending too much time on your handset than you ever intended (they really are that much fun).


Supported on: iOS, Android

Osmos is an amazing visual and musical experience and a great way to kill a few hours.  On their website, they describe the game as “elegant, physics-based gameplay, dreamlike visuals, and a minimalist, electronic soundtrack.”  Basically, you start out a tiny galactic mote (or speck of dust) and you need to survive and grow by eating other specks of galactic dust.  It may sounds incredibly simple (and it mostly is), but the game delivers a fantastic all-around experience. Once you start, it’s hard to put this one down. So be forewarned.


Supported on: iOS, Android

You work your way through imaginative levels in Sparkle by shooting marbles or “orbs” at other orbs.  Sounds very straightforward, but the game play experience is exciting and entertaining for hours at a time.  You’ll really want headphones so you can enjoy the soundtrack.  It’s an essential part of the experience and is absolutely worth tuning in for as you escape reality and your busy day in a fun game.

WPT Golf Game by TopGolf

Supported on: iOS, Android

If you’re a golfer, this one is a must-have smartphone game.  The amazing selection of great courses would probably be enough incentive for most players, and the game play is fun and intuitive.  It’s free to download, but there are a number of in-app purchases.  This may be the only knock on this game is that once you get addicted, you’ll probably have to spend some money to get a better selection of courses and golfers.  Still, this is a great way to enjoy that train ride or flight. Watch your spending, however, because those upgrades can tally up fast, and you don’t get a mulligan on them (refund).

3D Pool Ball

Supported on: iOS, Android

3D Pool Ball allows you to play some pool with people all over the world anywhere you go.  The realistic graphics and game play will make it as easy to pass a few hours, just as if you were in a pool hall.  This game gets even more addictive as you recruit your other friends that play pool and start to rise the ranks of tournament play within the game.  This game is a no-brainer if you love billiards. And who says you can’t make some bucks by making friendly bets with your drinking buddies?

Crossy Roads

Supported on: iOS, Android

Crossy Roads is the mobile knock-off of Frogger.  In this modern version, you are navigating a chicken across as many roads as you can without getting hit by cars.  They have a fun and simple web version or you can download the app.  You know exactly what you’re getting and you’ve played the exact same game many times before, but it’s hard to stop once you get going.  You just want to get that chicken across a few more roads. Watch our Kernel Sanders, this game is better than your fried chicken.

Pac-Man 256

Supported on: iOS, Android

Another throwback to a popular arcade game is Pac-Man 256.  This app allows you to play endless Pac-Man (if that was something you ever wanted).  The style and game-play is very similar to the original.  Again, you know what you’re getting here and it’s still lots of fun.  They have created some new 3D style maps and new power-ups. And duh, it’s Pac-Man, what’s not to love?!?

Dope Wars

Supported on: Android, iOS (with a different version)

Who doesn’t want to become a drug kingpin and make millions without the risk of life in jail?  Anyone who enjoyed the original drug wars, which was a simple choose-your-own adventure by text game, will absolutely love the updated smartphone game.  It is a stupid-simple game to play, but involves some strategy to become the boss.  You can easily waste a few hours on this game and it can be played with internet or a cell signal.  It’s perfect for long plane rides, too. Rise up the ranks and show the world your true “Scarface” grit in this immersive smartphone game.

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